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If it walks like a language instructor,
And talks like a language instructor,
You can bet it's
  NOT  a language instructor.

Learn, Improve or Master English & Any Other Subject Ten Times Faster with SupremeLearning ™ Courses & Seminars, developed by Gin I. Paris of Wayward Ventures Publishing and World-Renowned Educator, Bestselling Author, Guinness and Marvel Book World Record Holder in Multilingual Instruction and Computer Keyboarding, Mr. Michael Shestov

Michael Shestov:
"When the language instructors of even such great countries as US and UK can hardly even dream of effectively improving any level of language skills of the 'old' and 'new' Americans and Britons, who is left to help the foreign authors of modern English self-study manuals and courses master pronunciation and teach themselves to speak and write standard English fluently?" [Read more...]

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How to contact us

A short description of courses on sale

Note. Sale ends April 10th, 2015

The methods of ordering or purchasing the COMPREHENSIVE (UNIVERSAL) course "SupremeLearning English & Any Other Subject" & "SupremeLearning Typing, Writing & Spelling" PC program

Russian Speakers please click here!
Spanish Speakers please click here!

1. Via e-commerce system "PayPal"

2. By money transfer via "MoneyGram", "Western Union", etc.

3. By any other way

A short description of course on sale

For those who already know English but want to improve or master it and to understand how to apply SupremeLearning principles to learning or mastering any subject

as well as

For foreigners who want to learn, improve or master English and to understand how to apply SupremeLearning principles to learning or mastering any subject

Michael Shestov's Comprehensive Correspondence-Video-Audio Course of SupremeLearning Modern English & Any Other Subject (for Speakers of Any Language, for ESL/EFL Students and Teachers) with video materials in MP3 & MP4 format [v.4.0-for download only]:

** 9 audio lessons in MP3 format (of about 16.5 hours)
4 video lessons (of about 7 hours) + a gift from Mr. Shestov - New VideoBook "SupremeLearning The Wonderfull Wizard of OZ" (of about 7 hours)
* 1 Windows program SupremeLearning or Improvement of Typing, Writing Style, and Spelling. Note: available for download from the publisher's website after registering the product,
** 1
SupremeLearning Any Subject Instructional Guidebook,
** 1 Personal Skype consultation with Mr. Michael Shestov (regular value of $300),
** Unlimited consultations via e-mail or Skype (use the following nick: mshestov), etc.

Regular price: $179.95. The basic sale price: $97.95 (see all of the purchasing options below).

Questions? Call 24/7 Toll Free (in US & Canada): + 1 (888) 259-7401, +1 (800) 880-2287, 1-800-557-7763 or Direct: 1-917-208-7434, 1-917-208-9964
To submit an online inquiry through our contact form, please click here.

The methods of ordering or purchasing the COMPREHENSIVE courses "SupremeLearning English & Any Other Subject"

1. Via e-commerce system "PAYPAL"

Sale price:

COMPREHENSIVE course (v.4.0-for download only)=$97.95
Click on the "Buy Now" button below:

2. By money transfer via "MoneyGram",
"Western Union", etc.

Sale prices:
(Note: the client also pays the price of the actual transfer operation)

COMPREHENSIVE course (v.4.0-for download only)=$94.00

The money transfer shall be sent to the name of Alla Logunova, Seattle, U S A. Contact phone number: +1 (917) 208-7434.

After the money transfer operation has taken place, you shall send us via email at the code, transfer number, password and any other pertinent information insuring that we receive your payment. You may send us a copy of the actual receipt - by email, but that usually is not necessary.

We will then e-mail to you the ordered course, which you will receive approximately in 1 to 3 days.

3. By any other way

You may send us a request (at for written information or to make an appointment for a phone consultation. Don't forget to give us your name, contact phone, the city and the country where you want the courses on CD's/DVD's to be delivered and proposed method of payment. Within 3 business days an English speaking administrator of WVP will contact you to discuss all possible purchase and delivery options.

How to contact us

Our main contact address is:

Wayward Ventures Publishing
82 Nassau Street Ste. 329, New York, NY 10038, USA

Our phone numbers are:
toll-free: + 1 (888) 259-7401, +1 (800) 557-7763, +1 (877) 466-7925, +1 (800) 880-2287 (for US & Canada residents only) or
direct: +1-917-208-7434 & +1-917-208-9964;
fax: +1-253-981-1477


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