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If it walks like an educator,
And talks like an educator
You can bet it's
  NOT   an educator.

Learn, Improve or Master English up to Ten Times Faster & More Effectively with Universal SupremeLearning™ English Self- Study Courses or

Learn How To Learn or Teach English & Any Other Subject Fast and Effectively with LearnHowToLearn™ and SupremeTeaching™ Auditory Courses & Seminars in New York

Our main contact address is:
Wayward Ventures Publishing
79 Pine Street #188, New York, NY 10005, USA

Our phone numbers are:
toll-free (for US residents only): 1-800-557-7763, 1-888-259-7401, 1-800-880-2287 & 1-877-466-7925; toll-free (for US & Canada residents only): 1-800-557-7763 or
direct: 1-917-208-7434 & 1-917-208-9964.
Fax: 1-253-981-1477

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Note. You may send us a request for written information or to make an appointment for a phone consultation. Do not forget to give us your name, contact phone, the city and the country where you want the courses to be delivered and proposed method of payment. Within 3 business days an English speaking administrator of WVP will contact you to discuss all possible purchase and delivery options.

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