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Learn How To Learn, Improve or Master English, Russian, Spanish,... Typing (PC Keyboarding) and Any Other Subject Ten Times More Effectively with SupremeLearning™ & LearnHowToLearnAndTeachFast™ Courses & Seminars, developed by Gin I. Paris & World-Renowned Educator, Bestselling Author, Guinness and Marvel Book World Champion in Multilingual Instruction & Computer Keyboarding, Mr. Michael Shestov

Michael Shestov:
"When the language instructors of even such great countries as US and UK can hardly even dream of effectively improving any level of language skills of the 'old' and 'new' Americans and Britons, who is left to help the foreign authors of modern English self-study manuals and courses, master pronunciation and teach themselves to speak and write standard English fluently?" [Read more...]


If it walks like an educator,
And talks like an educator,
You can bet it's
  NOT  an educator.

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From Wayward Ventures Publishing to parents and teachers


GUIDEBOOK: This contains a written description of the basic SupremeLearning principles and all the textual exercises used in the complete (1 CD in MP3 format and 1 DVD) course, and are useful for everyone, no matter your level of English. This might be enough for those who are used to learning just by reading books (using their intellectual skills).

TypeRIGHTing PROGRAM: PC software is for those who are used to supporting their process of memorization of any rules and principles by reading, writing and/or making notes while studying. It also includes all of the textual exercises used in the complete course.

CD's: These are for those who comprehend best by listening and wish to supplement reading and writing (using SupremeLearning principles) with listening to the exercises or reading along with the narrators' voices.

DVD's: These are for those who learn best visually.

COMBINATION OF ALL THE ABOVE: This provides the most comprehensive instruction on earth, using all well-known and new ways of knowledge acquisition

The main tools for improving your conversational abilities, reading and listening comprehension with SupremeLearning American English are a combination of the guidebook and audio materials. You should use the video materials only for a few hours for purposes of creation or remodeling of your articulation patterns; the video materials will make the learning process somewhat easier than if only the audio materials and the SupremeLearning guidebook were used.

We recommend that you use the TypeRIGHTing software at the end of the SupremeLearning cycle, when your overall speaking and reading abilities have been improved. The software creates or enhances your spelling and writing style.


All video and audio materials contain easy-to-follow exercises.

All DVD's are in Region & Code Free format and each lessons contains about 90 minutes of narrated learning sessions.

All compact disks are in MP3 format.

All software is Microsoft Windows based for the PC and is extremely easy to use.

The SupremeLearning Modern English Guidebook has 118 pages containing step-by-step instructions and read-along materials.

All sales are final. Opened course box, DVD, CD and software packages may be exchanged for replacement copies of the original items only.


If you live in or plan a visit to the New York City area, or want to buy a course with a demonstration, or take a live course, or attend a seminar, visit the Wayward Ventures Publishing world headquarters at 3072 Brighton First Street, Brooklyn, NY 11235* 7 days a week, 10 a.m. till 8 p.m. or call 24/7 Toll Free (in US & Canada): 1-800-880-2287. Ask about our live SupremeLearning auditory

"Learn, Improve, Master, or Americanize Your English Fast",

"Learn, Improve or Master Your Typing (PC Keyboarding), Writing & Spelling 10 Times Faster" [Read more...],

"Learn, Improve or Master Your Russian Fast",

"Learn, Improve or Master Your Spanish Fast",

"Learn How To Learn Any Subject Effectively"

and "Learn How To Teach Any Subject Effectively" courses and seminars conducted for students, teachers and instructors of any subject.

Questions? Call 24/7 Toll Free (in US & Canada): 1-800-557-7763, 1-800-880-2287 or Direct: 1-917-208-7434, 1-917-208-9964

*Notes: The building is located in Brighton Beach- district of Brooklyn, at "Ocean Parkway" New York subway station (line Q). If you have any trouble finding the building, please, call us toll-free: 1-800-557-7763, 1-888-259-7401, 1-917-208-7434, 1-917-208-9964 - we'll guide you on any matters.

Reasonably priced at $10 per hour for a minimum of 5 hours, your SupremeLearning guidebook is included with these courses. Plus, by mentioning that you saw this offer on the web, you'll receive a 10 percent discount on all educational products. Training is conducted by authorized teachers of the SupremeLearning International Institute and, periodically, is hosted by Michael Shestov personally. Seating is limited.

If you think you'd be a good instructor candidate, ask how you can become an authorized auditory instructor of SupremeTeaching, whether it is to be in the U.S. or another country. Training for "Learn How To Teach Any Subject" using the SupremeTeaching system usually takes 5 to 7 days. "Learn How To Teach Any Language" usually takes from 1 to 2 weeks. Fees for receiving a SupremeTeaching teaching license vary.

The only universal prerequisite to attending instructor training seminars is an ability to communicate in, at least, primitive English. Taking or purchasing a Comprehensive SupremeLearning English course would start an instructor off in the right direction.

New! For a limited time, one-on-one personalized classes are being taught by Michael Shestov, himself. Choose from PC keyboarding, Russian as a second language, English as a second language, dramatic improvement of the English language, and SAT preparation. $2,000 an hour on our premises, $3,000 an hour on client premises anywhere in the 5 boroughs of New York City.
Outside New York City the price is subject to negotiation. [Group classes with up to 10 students are also available. Group classes, as well as online and phone consultations, are $3,000 an hour.]


When you click below, you will be transferred to the SupremeLearning Online Store where you may order SupremeLearning books, videobooks, audiobooks, and learning software.

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SupremeLearning courses are published by Wayward Ventures Publishing.

Our main contact address is:
Wayward Ventures Publishing
79 Pine Street #188, New York, New York 10005, USA

Our phone numbers are:
toll-free: 1-888-259-7401, 1-800-880-2287 & 1-877-466-7925 (for US residents only), 1-800-557-7763 (for US & Canada residents only) or
direct: 1-917-208-7434 & 1-917-208-9964;
fax: 1-253-981-1477
email:, or

You may send us a request for written information or to make an appointment for a phone consultation. Don't forget to give us your name, contact phone, the city and the country where you want the courses to be delivered and proposed method of payment. Within 3 business days an English speaking administrator of WVP will contact you to discuss all possible purchase and delivery options.

Email system or product questions to or


SupremeLearning books, DVD's, compact disks, and software are copyrighted by Michael Shestov & Wayward Ventures Publishing

Public demonstrations and reproductions of SupremeLearning materials are strictly prohibited unless agreed to in writing by Michael Shestov.


Send to or your business issues such as:

  • Inquiries from national and international marketing agents and distributors

  • Proposals for organizing a live course or seminar in your area. You may request the list of over 30 seminar topics on which Michael Shestov regularly speaks

  • Suggestions of languages into which you would like to champion the translation of SupremeLearning books, course descriptions, and other educational materials in a partnership

  • Requests for video or audio recordings -- conducted by Shestov -- of books or other learning materials on any subject, narrated following the principles of SupremeLearning (e.g., with slower speeds), thus making them extremely comprehensible for students

  • Ideas about any subjects involving human motor skills -- possibly, areas in which you are already an expert -- to which you would like to see the SupremeLearning teaching techniques applied


As a parent or teacher you ask yourself:

  • Do I want my child to set Guinness Records?

  • Do I want my children to be internationally renowned in their fields of knowledge whether it would be education, law or rocket science?

  • Do I want them to be able to become doctors, lawyers, or computer programmers who need a lot of learning?

  • Do I want them to be able to learn what they need to know as fast and efficiently as they can possibly learn?

The answer, of course, is "Yes!" More learning -- is better! The faster you learn, the better it is for you. The more thoroughly you learn, the better that is. A combination of error-free and know-how of different speeds of data or skill acquisition is the way to go.

And so, we have Michael Shestov, who has set Guinness and Marvel Records, who is internationally renowned as an educator, who will teach you how to teach his special method to you, your children or your students, to create the best and fastest learners possible.


You can translate this page into Italian, German, Portuguese, French (use our own site for Spanish, Russian or Chinese) and, if you have the proper screen fonts, other languages (Japanese, Korean, etc.):

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