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If it walks like an educator,
And talks like an educator
You can bet it's
  NOT  an educator.

"[This] is really extraordinary."
-- Norris McWhirter, founding editor and author of the
Guinness Book of World Records
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Learn, Improve or Master English up to Ten Times Faster & More Effectively with Universal SupremeLearning™ English Self- Study Courses or

Learn How To Learn or Teach English & Any Other Subject Fast and Effectively with LearnHowToLearn™ and SupremeTeaching™ Auditory Courses & Seminars in New York

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Courses and seminars were developed by industry experts of Wayward Ventures Publishing in cooperation with World-Renowned Educator, Bestselling Author, Investigative Journalist & Consumer Advocate in the Field of Education, "The Learning Annex" Lecturer, Mr. Michael Shestov

It may seem unbelievable, but international educators tend to not even know how to learn or improve English or other skills in themselves. [Read more...]

Michael Shestov:
"When the language instructors of even such great countries as US and UK can hardly even dream of effectively improving any level of language skills of the 'old' and 'new' Americans and Britons, who is left to help the foreign authors of modern English self-study manuals and courses, master pronunciation and teach themselves to speak and write standard English fluently?" [Read more...]

  • 11 Rules of Grammar
  • A Base for ESL Games - Esl games, books and online resources. Kids and esl games, activities, songs, lessons and resources.
  • A Grand List of ESL Bookmarks - Contains a grand list of ESL BOOKMARKS, separated into categories, dictionaries, online newspapers, magazines, educational sites, word games, and puzzles.
  • A.Word.A.Day - Exploring Strange New Words...
  • Aardvark's EFL Resources - Interactive English language exercises, links, and other resources students and teachers of English.
  •'s ESL Guide -'s one stop guide to ESL Software Reviews.
  • ACCESS International English Language Centre - Learn English in Toronto, Canada with ACCESS' exciting STUDY-TOUR program. Live with a Canadian family and experience real Canadian culture!
  • Advanced English with eViews - Produces a weekly interview to listen to, then bundles it with a glossary and a comprehension exercise. Subscription free for students. Also provides lesson plans with paid subscription.
  • Aloud - Practice your English conversation with ESL teachers on-line for free.
  • alt.usage.english FAQ
  • American English Programs of New England - American English Program offers four week international TEFL Certificate courses in Teaching English as a Foreign Language overseas: teach abroad with AEP, the most affordable program in the U.S.
  • American Literacy Council (ALC) - Provides resources and assistance to persons and organizations involved in the "literacy crisis in America". About ALC, literacy figures, membership, free software, spelling lists #1 and #2, sample lists, spelling matters, ALC mission and Board. Spell-Well trademarked teaching aid.
  • An Etymological Dictionary of Classical Mythology - English words with origins in Greek and Roman mythology.
  • - Learn English CDROM. Teaches reading, spelling, pronunciation, phonetics, vocabulary and handwriting. Multimedia interactive CDROM with custom-made pictures. Over 10000 academic exercises.
  • ASC Netlanguages - Teacher-supported language courses online. 5 levels with 120-150 hours each.
  • Austin English Academy - Austin English Academy is a ESL school that offers small classes and high quality teaching. Multiple levels and a variety of classes are offered.
  • BenJX: Learning English - For Students - Make no mistake, learning any language to proficiency takes thousands of hours, but learning enough to be able to communicate reasonably well is not so difficult. This BenJX Web site has plenty of hints about how to improve your communication skills in the English (or any other) language. You'll also find some detailed suggestions on how to read and understand more.
  • bernieh's english language teaching & learning resources - Here you'll find links to valuable resources for teachers and students of English language.
  • Bilingual Teacher Training - Virtual Learning Systems - Bilingual (ESL, ELD, LEP, ELL, LEP) teacher training and staff development videos and other teaching aids for district staff, teacher, and administrators.
  • British National Corpus - Searchable database of British English usage.
  • BTRSPL - Program that converts whole documents in minutes to and from a rational spelling system. Free program developed on George Lahey's notations.
  • California, Santa Barbara: University of California, Santa Barbara International Programs - Offers foreign language, TESL, and international business courses year-round.
  • CALL Help Page - Lists dozens of links to sites that provide software appropriate for English language learners; includes both shareware sites and commercial demos.
  • Cambridge School of ESL English Learning - Interactive ESL English language study lessons for students to learn and improve their English language speaking, English conversation, and English understanding.
  • Clear Speech Works - Improve your accent in English. Guaranteed. Interactive, multimedia CD-ROM developed by university professors. Designed for speakers of 45 languages. Includes video instruction, human facial close-ups & real male/female model voices. Over 5000 examples. Easy to use, fun and proven effective.
  • Correct Pronunciation: A Prescriptive Dictionary [in Fanetiks] - Standard pronunciation for world English by L. Craig Schoonmaker, the inventor of Fanetiks.
  • Creative English Workshop - Private English lessons, using audio and video "live" conferencing.
  • Creative Languages - Language learning from Geneva. Efl resources for students and teachers.
  • CultureGlobe - an ezine about cultures around the world. - Global cultures, folk tales, customs and superstitions - all topics for articles with hyperlinks to definitions for difficult vocabulary - ideal for ESL readers.
  • Dales English Language Training Associates - Online tuition and consultancy in English and linguistics for: TEFL training; grammar and use of English for all examinations including (UCLES) CEELT, IELTS; academic speech and language studies. Copy-checking for academic/commercial texts in English.
  • Discovery Educational Software - Educational software for learners of English, games involving the use of English, on CD-Rom, Help given in four languages. Download free trial.
  • DynEd International - ESL Software. Award-winning, multimedia software for learning English, Spanish, and Japanese. Network solutions for schools and corporate programs.
  • Educational Software Library - Computer programs for English as a Second Language. Form of tests similar to TOEFL. Useful for ESL students and teachers. Sample programs available for downloading.
  • Edutainment EFL and ESL Lessons Games, Songs - Teach language with fun and games.
  • EFI Home Page - Free online instruction by volunteer teachers to students from all over the world to facilitate the learning of English by Internet.
  • EFL Club - English as a foreign language for speakers of other languages.
  • Electronic English Club - FREE online English courses, tests, quizzes, discussion forums, an idiom of the day, online events and more!
  • ELICOS: An Australian Site for EFL/ESL Students - This site is our department home page but it also offers links to English Language Activities for students, English language resources for teachers and some local activities you might be interested in. Play the Brisbane Adventure or the Golden Eagle Quest, add your opinions to the discussion pages and the movie reviews or even learn how to MOO
  • Encomium Publications - Interactive software helps students meet U.S. university requirements and gain working knowledge of business English.
  • English as Another Language - Provides resources, activities, projectss and research for teachers and learners of English.
  • English Book Centre Online Bookstore - One of the largest ELT/EFL materials catalogues available on the Internet. Features monthly special offers, articles written by ELT authors, advice, and mailing list.
  • English courses by Aspera - Aspera offers English as a second language courses with highly qualified teachers online 24 hours a day.
  • English Exercises Online - Publicity-free site with lots of interactive exercises for learners of English as a second language. For teachers there's an interesting collection of ready-to-use handouts.
  • English Express - English may be learned starting at your present level using interactive multimedia language courses from English Express
  • English Listening Lounge - For learners, recordings (Real Audio format) of English speakers.
  • English Online Net Homepage - This site offers you a collection of links related to English on the Internet (e.g. online dictionaries, translation, language structure and grammar, penpals).
  • English Robin Internet English School - Internet English School using new technology! Audio/Video streaming, Video conferencing calls Learn English while having fun!
  • English Simplified Spelling by Dr. C. George Boeree - English spelling proposals by Dr. Boeree. Introduction, vowels, consonants, samples from Abraham Lincoln's "Gettysburg Address" and Hamlet's Solioquy / "Inglish Simplifid Speling: Introduxion, vowelz, consonants". Note that Dr. Boeree is also the inventor of "Lingua Franca Nova", an International Auxiliary Language.
  • English Through the Internet - Teacher trainees meet with students of English through the Internet and learn the tools of the Internet together, and at the same time the teacher trainees help the EFL pupils to improve their reading and writing skills.
  • English Today - Multimedia CD-ROM software. Learn and improve your English language conversation skills. Listen to thousands of spoken English words. For beginner to advanced.
  • English Word Games with Japanese - English word games with Japanese translations, hangman, puzzles and word search. Teaching resources and basic Japanese.
  • English, baby! - Learn English, make friends and have fun at English, baby! We use American culture to teach real English, including movies, music, slang words and conversations. Join today!
  • - Free online English lessons, free IELTS classes, study guides for Britain, the USA, Australia and more.
  • English-Russian Lexical Associations - 5,000 English words Russians know even without the study of English.
  • English-Zone.Com - This is a fun site for students who are learning English as a second language, or studying English in general. Learn some idioms, practice English verbs, test your grammar, check out the fun stuff page, write a silly story, or visit links to other English sites.
  • - Learning tips and advice and free newsletter ideal for learning or improving English.
  • EnglishLive - The world´s largest internet English school, where you can learn with native speakers right from your home or office
  • - Online writing courses, conversation and grammer lessons, newsletter, other resources.
  • EnglishSpace - Free, online, collaborative and self-study English language lessons for English as a second, additional or foreign language learners and their teachers. EnglishSpace is a complete and interactive language course open to all.
  • ENGLISHTOGETHER english help by email - General, business, education, vocation, profession, occupation, technical, special, style, register - whatever your need, we can provide grammar support, text correction, context vocabulary, tailor-made or structured courses, situation simulations.
  • ESHP - English Studies Home Page - Resources and links for students and teachers of English as a foreign or second language.
  • ESL Credit Courses Online - Levels 1-4 - ESL grammar/culture courses offered online for levels 1-4. Courses incorporate listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. Registration and materials ordered online.
  • ESL Forums Network - A resource and community for ESL teachers and students.
  • ESL Materials - Offers flash cards, question cards, role play books, and so forth.
  • ESL Online Resources - ESL/TESL resources for ESL games, songs, chat, lesson plans and activities and books. For both students and teachers.
  • ESL PartyLand - Fun site with over 75 interactive quizzes, 15 discussion forums and topic-based learning pages for students. On the teachers side, loads of lessons and printable materials to use in class.
  • ESL PartyLand--Quiz Center - Online exercises help students review business English, grammar, idioms, slang, and other useful phrases.
  • ESL Software - DynEd International - Award-winning, multimedia language learning software (ESL, EFL, ELT, Spanish, Japanese) for schools, universities, and corporations. Network solutions available.
  • ESL Software from DynEd International - Award-winning, multimedia software for learning English (ESL, LEP, EFL, ELT).
  • ESL SuperStore - A world of ESL product information at your fingertips! Quick and easy access to over 30 ESL publishers.
  • - Home page of Edutainment, a photocopy-free book on the subject of teaching with games. Site provides free samples, as well as an essay on why pop music shoud be integrated into the English curriculum.
  • ESLnotes - The English Learer Movie Guides - Each guide reviews one popular movie, and includes a plot summary, list of major characters, and glossary of vocabulary and cultural references.
  • ESLonline - Resources and information Center for ESL/EFL. Browse links, discuss topics in forums, or just take a look around.
  • - College Rankings, Free English Lessons, Application Consulting - Free site that will make your English perfect! Grammar! Vocab! American Slang! Also a section on MBA and undergraduate rankings as well as university application consulting.
  • Fanetiks: Reformed (Phonetic) English Spelling - Fanetiks a spelling reform scheme put forward by L. Craig Schoonmaker. Used successfully as a teaching tool.
  • Formavision - The ELLIS system: a multimedia course in English as a foreign language. Actively involves the student in reading, writing, listening, speaking, and testing.
  • Free English Course from Eloquence - English From Scratch is a free English course aimed at absolute beginners. No prior knowledge of English is required.
  • Free ESL Games Online - Free online ESL games and other resources. Kids and ESL games, activities, songs, lessons, books and videos.
  • freeENGLISH - Provides free ESL instruction through a free, downloadable, interactive internet-based program called English Pro Web Edition. Also has fun and challenging games, puzzles, quizzes, and a chat room for additional ESL practice.
  • God Save the Subjunctive - Defines the subjunctive mood in English and gives links to more information, including example usage.
  • Goldy International - Translation software for Windows 95/98.
  • Grammar Bytes! Interactive Grammar Review - Includes grammar explanations, handouts for teachers and students, and interactive exercises.
  • Grammar Central CLTA - A grammar reference and exercise place on the Internet. For entry levels of ESL classes.
  • Grammar for Grownups - One primary objective--to help people make sure their documents communicate clearly and convey a professional image.
  • Grammar Listening Activity for Beginners - Interactive listening and writing activity talks about everyday activities and routines.
  • GrammarLink - This site will help students and teachers find sites on the web that will help them with grammar.
  • grammarONLINE - grammarONLINE uses the WWW to bring helpful grammar lessons to you. These lessons include explanations, exercises, and answers.
  • Greenfield Learning, Inc. - Request information about the English Language Learning and Instruction System. For ELD or ESL instruction in middle school and above. Correlated to the CA ELD Standards and the CASAS life skills test.
  • History of the English Language - Site maintained at University of Vermont
  • - Extended Readings are Laurie's Education and Resource Network's unique approach to the teaching of native English materials to speakers of other languages or native speakers requiring remedial practice.
  • Hummingbird - Musical method of acquiring accurate pronunciation of American English phonemes, words, phrases. Classes, videos, audios, multimedia products and services.
  • IdioMagic - Educational software for learning Amercian idioms and slang. Lessons show clear definitions with examples. Fun quizzes.
  • IELTS Online - Online preparation for the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) Test.
  • Improve Your English - This site offers an ongoing supply of audio items (news, song, poems and other features) and an integrated environment (ComAudio) to listen, read, look up words, play a word game etc. all from one screen. A nice way for learners to improve their English language skills.
  • Indiana State University ESL Help - Includes information on irregular verbs, modals, plurals, prepositions, tense and aspect, two-word verbs, and article usage.
  • Institute of Languages - UNSW - The Institute's English language program provides high-quality training courses and services for international students and the Australian community.
  • Interactive English Language Exercises - Online exercises testing English grammar, vocabulary and idioms, with immediate feedback, score and language notes. There's also an interactive Flags & Countries quiz to practise the English names of countries.
  • Iowa Literacy Resource Center - Connects people with resources in literacy, English as a second language (ESL), Adult Basic Education and GED preparation.
  • It's English - Offers free and premium services for learning American English. Includes audio dialogs, daily quotes, idioms, current events based lessons, plus text editing and voiceover services.
  • Language Teaching Programs from Martin Holmes - ESL Teacher Martin Holmes has created more than a dozen programs specifically for ESL/EFL teachers and students, including several invaluable freeware tools.
  • Language Teaching Publications - Online catalogue as well as free sample materials.
  • Laurie's Education and Resource Network - Specializes in resources for the ESL/EFL/Remedial or Enrichment English classroom.
  • Learn English - Have Fun !! - Learn English with online English crosswords, ESL word games and jokes. Other fun activities include ESL tests and word search puzzles. New games and crosswords added regularly.
  • Learn English in the U.S.A - Nomen Global Language Centers, Inc. goal is to enhance students' lives through unique English language development programs.
  • Learn English Online at GlobalEnglish, ESL - English language instruction, ESL lessons, online teachers, daily, free, fun activities to learn and apply English in business, travel and daily communication.
  • LinguaSy Software - LinguaSy Software - Freeware and other language learning and analysis programs from LinguaSy.
  • Mapping of Alternate Notations Onto IPA Phonemes - Includes mappings of the following proposed language reform schemes: Broad Romic (by Henry Sweet), Chekt Speling (by Steve Bett), SaundSpel (by Ian Ascott), New Spelling (Nue Speling), ALC Fonetik (by the American Literacy Council), TrueTruespel, OGD-Positional (by John Reilly), ANJeL tuN (by Bruce Beach), Unigraf (by Steve Bett). Also Globish, Shavian, Glossary Extended, Alternate Notations, Links.
  • Mark Twain: A Plan for the Improvement of English Spelling - A short article by Mark Twain on spelling reform in the English language.
  • Martin's TEFL/TESL Website Index - A collection of useful websites for teachers and learners of English as a foreign language.
  • NetLearn Languages - The On-Line Language School - Study English and other languages live with a teacher over the Internet! NetLearn Languages is a completely Internet-based language school. With us, you can study English, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and other languages in real-time, in a video-conferencing environment from your office or home.
  • New Words in English - Neologisms and novel uses of words in English collected by members of a Linguistics class at Rice University.
  • Newsletter for English teachers (gr. 6-12) - Looking for practical, ready-to-use ideas for your junior or senior high English classroom? Then _Class Act_ is for you. It's a six-page newsletter published each month from September to May. _Class Act_ is chock-full of ready-to- reproduce ideas, tips, study sheets, and projects for busy teachers like you to use immediately. Check out the site for sample titles from past years! Don't your students deserve a _Class Act_?
  • On-Line English Grammar - On-Line English Grammar - get information on all different points of grammar.
  • Online English - Online English is a free learning resource for teachers and learners of English from Churchill House. Download programs, try on-line quizzes, get information on exams, download lesson plans.
  • Online ESL Exercises - A continually growing source of Flash 4 exercises for ESL students.
  • PEAK- The Online English School - Free individual grammar, listening, reading, and writing lessons, as well as games, chats, and discussions.
  • PeakEnglish: Distance Learning ESL - Learn English Online! PeakEnglish, a product of Distance Learning, Inc. provides effective, individual tutoring. ESL Games and interactive lessons
  • Phoneticizing Names (Fanetiks) - Table of first names and surnames according to Fanetiks as proposed by L. Craig Schoonmaker. Two variants are included: "Fanetik Spelling" and "AugmÈntad FanÈtik".
  • Pidgins and Creoles: English-Based Languages Without English Spelling - Article by Valerie Yule - An article showing how English based pidgins and creoles are written in a reformed and easier-to-read way. Also sections on: Literacy in English and Pidgin / Lessons to be learned / Is English a creole? / Bibliography. Article by Valerie Yule. Additional notes by Steve Bett.
  • Planet English - Site features information, activities, message boards, and chat for both students and teachers
  • Pop-Up Grammar - Pop-Up Grammar: interactive English grammar quizzes and instruction
  • Principles of Spelling Reform by Henry Sweet - Proposals put forward by Henry Sweet as an appendix to "A Handbook of Phonetics". Introduction, choice of letters, employment of letters, transition from and to the present spelling. Representation of vowels, R and its modification, unaccented vowels, consonants, accents and quality, list of English symbols, new types. Varieties of pronunciations, international intelligibility, history and etymology. Page presented in James Chandler's "Spelling Reform" site.
  • Private English Lessons For Internet Users - Online English lessons, live from Jerusalem. The first three lessons are free.
  • Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab - Extensive listening practice helps ESL/EFL students improve their English listening comprehension skills through practice with self-grading quiz pages.
  • Real English - Interactive CD ROMs, videos and workbooks for individual and group learning.
  • Real English by The Marzio School - A twofold site celebrating Real English® videos, workbooks and the brand-new CD-ROMs and the language school that made Real English possible : The Marzio School, in the Provence region of France.
  • Restored English Spelling - RES - An initial teaching medium (ITM). "Paving 40 hours to literacy". Examples of Restored Spelling and comparison with other spelling reform schemes.
  • Roggy's ESLweb - We offer online classes for English writing and conversation. Free material is also available.
  • SAT English Level 1 Standard - Each module of SAT English Level 1 features a 30 drill lesson plan that offers a short explanation of the subject matter and fill-in-the-blank questions for reinforcements. Students can check to see if they have input the correct answers or continue through the questions until the end.
  • SAT English Level 2 Standard Edition - Each module features a 30 drill lesson plan that offers a short explanation of the subject matter and fill-in-the-blank questions for reinforcements. Students can check to see if they have input the correct answers or continue through the questions until the end. A performance report tracks the number of questions asked, the number of correct answers and the number of missed or incorrect questions. The summary report can be printed, this information is also automatically entered into a log file at the end of each lesson. The results of a lesson can be viewed via a report menu.
  • Seasonal Word Games and Activities - English word games related to various holidays.
  • Shavian Alphabet - Site dedicated to the alphabet created according to George Bernard Shaw's will. Sections: G.B.Shaw, Introducing Shavian, Explaining Shavian, Phonetics, Practising Shavian (reading, writing, communicating, Virtual Shavian typewriter, Ghoti fingers, Shavian fonts). Pros and Cons. Web links. Extensive resource on Shavian. Site maintained by Lionel Gothi.
  • Shavian ConScript Unicode Standard - Unicode listing under U+E700 - U+E72F for Shavian, also known as the "Shaw Alphabet"
  • Shavian: Unicode - Shavian, a phonetic alphabet for the writing of English in 48 uncased letters has been accepted by UTC for encoding in Unicode using surrogates (June 97). It has not yet been considered by WG2. Shavian is also known as the "Shaw Alphabet" or the "Proposed British Alphabet" and was created by Kingsley Read according to George Bernard Shaw's will.
  • Simple English Conversion - Select any text in traditional English orthography and get same text back in one of the simplified orthographics from the Simplified Spelling Society (namely Fonetic, Cut Speling, Truspel). Free program. By Steven Bird's automated BTRSPL converter.
  • Smiletown - Young children's educational software product. Tots improve basic English skills while playing fun computer games. Phonics-based language learning.
  • Sounds English - Macintosh shareware for English language learners and teachers, with reviews and download links.
  • Speechskript: The Alternative Spelling System - Complete instructions for learning to read and write in Speechskript. Easy and enjoyable!
  • Spel Riet - Spelling and Reading Made Easier - Spelling reform proposed by P.Cunningham. Sections: Problem with English. The solution: Spel Riet. Summary edition for those in a hurry. Deluxe edition (Problems, solutions, examples). Plan for adopting Spel Riet. Timetable for adoption. Cost of change. Help. Contacts.
  • Spelling is a social invention: Article by Valerie Yule - Article on the necessity of spelling reform published in "Social Inventions Journal" in 1993.
  • Spelling Reform Discussion Group / Simplified Spelling Society - Email Directory - Join the "Spelling Reform" discussion by applying by e-mail to any of the members listed in the directory.
  • Student Papers on American English - From the Dept. of Translation Studies, Univ. of Tampere, Finland. Topics: Differences Between American and British English; 'Black English' (AAVE, or 'Ebonics'); Yiddish and Ethnic-Jewish Influences; Historical and Loan Word Influence; Regional and Social Variation; Slang; General Topics.
  • SupremeLearning - Learn American English
  • Surf 2 School - Learn English on-line on the Internet. Personal, interactive tuition. Live audio/video classes with University qualified Teachers. Two free introductory lessons.
  • Sylvie Theriault's ESL Exercises - Designed for adult students who wish to learn English as a second language.
  • Take Our Word For It - The award-winning etymology webzine. Each week, Mike and Melanie bring their erudition and wit to bear on readers' queries about the origin of English words and phrases. The site also includes back issues, a little theory and a few "easter eggs".
  • Teacher On Line - Online English lessons from Thailand.
  • Teachit - online English resources - A free online library of high quality Secondary English classroom materials, searchable by category and age range. Also useful lists of essential web links.
  • TEFLstorm - Markets reproducable teaching materials which may be downloaded from web site. Site also provides free samples, tips and advice for teachers, and world job listings.
  • The EFL Playhouse: Resources for Teachers of Young Learners - Educational games, songs, fingerplays, chants, and other language arts resources for use with young children
  • The English Language Centre Oxford - Internet tutorials in English as a Foreign Language for students preparing to sit the Cambridge examinations: First Certificate; Advanced Certificate; Proficiency Certificate. Intensive short courses at an Oxford college.
  • The English Language School - The English Language School (part of the Presbyterian Social Services), situated in Ashfield, Sydney, is a place where people can come to learn the English language at affordable rates.
  • The English Professor - A free site with original ESL materials and useful links helping students to learn English as a second language.
  • The English Resource - Markets ELT books and English books. Provides teaching ideas and job listings.
  • The English School Database - Massive free directory of English Schools around the World for students wishing to study abroad; students looking for the best local school and teachers.
  • The English Student - An internet English school. We teach real English and supply quality lessons at a price.
  • The English Teacher's Assistant - Visit this great site for ESL/EFL teaching materials and information. There are special sections for JET participants, tutors, and all types of ESL teachers on the site. Updated regularly. A paper newsletter full of photocopiable activities and games can also be ordered through the site.
  • The ESL Wonderland - Contains various ESL activities, as well as links.
  • The Holiday Zone - Provides educators, parents, and students with language-rich activities for most North American holidays.
  • The Linguistic Funland - Primarily a jump site for ESL/EFL resources available on the Internet. A good place to begin when you have several hours free to surf the net!
  • The Regency School of English - Language tuition from recognised by the British Council
  • the simplified spelling society (SSS) / Simplified Spelling - Aims and objectives, literature of the society and leaflets, practicalities, reform proposals, computer programs, membership. Also issues "Journal of the Simplified Spelling Society". Related sites and links.
  • The Society for the Preservation of English Language and Literature - An organization of people determined to resist the abuse and misuse of English in the news media and elsewhere.
  • The Tower of English - A fun and friendly place for ESL students and teachers. Lots of fun activities and links presented in a unique and useful style.
  • The Vocabulary Cab Company - A great vocabulary builder for English learners. Learn Greek and Latin roots. Essential vocabulary for TOEFL and GRE candidates. 33 quizzes.
  • The Xtag Project - Lexicalized tree adjoining grammar project.
  • Thumbs-Up! ESL - Small collection of interactive exercises based on British English.
  • Tower of English Online ESL Courses - A directory of available Online ESL Courses.
  • Tricky Grammar - intermediate grammar test from INTALL - Internet Aided Language Learning.
  • UK literacy hour resources - An index for teachers of the National Literacy Hour framework
  • Usage Experts Change Their Minds, Too - Anne H. Soukhanov, lexicographer, shows that abstract usage rules are not set in concrete.
  • Verbal Advantage - Our exciting product line guarantees you the communication and word power skills you need to compete and succeed.
  • Verbal Vanquish - Verbal Vanquish The Strategic SAT/ACT/GRE tutor that can really improve your score on entrance exams. 12 lessons emphasize STRATEGY, not boring drill. Includes strategic word list and shows how this can improve your SAT score incrementally. Author is an award-winning teacher whose students have averaged 70 point increase in SAT Verbal scores after lessons. Vanquish your anguish with Verbal Vanquish.
  • Viney.Uk.Com - Home of ELT/ESL authors Peter and Karen Viney. Provides articles on EFL, books, videos, and audio materials.
  • Volterre-Fr English & French Language Resources - Bilingual site for learning and teaching English and French as a foreign language from Paris, France
  • English as a Second Language - A collection of free, high-quality online lessons, courses, guides and instructionally-oriented Websites in ESL and EFL, English grammar, spelling, and other English topics.
  • Welcome to Abelardo Villarreal's homepage - San Bernardino Valley College English Department ESL Program
  • Welcome to Tamwood International College, Vancouver, Whistler and Victoria ESL School - Tamwood International College is located in British-Columbia, Canada. We are offering English courses to students who are coming from all part of the world. We also offer special courses design for the special needs of our clients. We offer the opportunity to students from all over the world to study English in either Vancouver or Whistler.
  • Winchester School of English - High quality free English language exercises. Lessons are added every month to cover grammar, a proverb/idiom, phrasal verbs, everyday conversation, and a current news article.
  • Words, words and more words - Essays about words.
  • Wordskills - Markets 900+ books for ESL teachers and students and NetPhone-based English courses. Also provides free mini grammar lessons online.
  • World of English - ESL/EFL site with references, resources, online classes and chat for students and teachers of English.
  • Writing Unlimited - Learn to Write - Writing Unlimited is an online course to teach english, basic, and advanced writing skills to all ages, focusing on learning to write essays. The program benefits middle and high school students,home schoolers, ESL students, life long learners, and business people. Grammar and vocabulary are taught in each unit covering a variety of writing types.
  • Yahoo! English Category
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